Re: [AMBER] ld: duplicate symbol _gauss in ../lib/sys.a(random.o) and rand2.o

From: Yu Chen <>
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2010 09:31:44 -0400

>> I added "-fno-underscoring" at the end of "FFLAGS .." and "FOPTFLAGS ..." lines.
> I don't know where the idea of "no_underscoring" came from, but I'm pretty
> sure it will do bad things to Amber. Amber has both Fortran and C code, and
> assumes in many places that the fortran compiler will add an extra underscore,
> as is the usual practice for Unix/Linux compilers. If you turn this off,
> you should be prepared for lots of grunt work changing the code. I would
> strongly recommend not trying to use this flag.

I don't know either. It's just a requirement for the other program. And I do agree that it causes lots of troubles. I dropped this flag already. I am just going to installed two MPICH2.

>>> I still recommend using the configure_openmpi script. There should be no
>>> need to manually edit the config.h file.
> Above I guess is a dead horse, I guess. I've attached a "configure_mpich2"
> script which should do the same thing for MPICH2 that configure_openmpi does
> for OpenMPI: provide an installation of MPI where you don't have to add or
> subtract flags, or edit config.h files, and which should work under most
> circumstances.

Thanks a lot for your help!


> ....dac
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