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From: Dwight McGee <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 10:09:20 -0400

Hi Asfa

In order to change the pb input: Go $AMBERHOME/src/mmpbsa_py
Use your favorite editor and open up
Search for the string: *def pbmdin_old*
You should see the following:

   ntb=0, cut=999.0, nsnb=99999,
   imin=5, maxcyc=0, cutcap=-1, xcap=0,
   ycap=0, zcap=0, idecomp=0, ntpr=1,
   ivcap=0, ntmin=2, igb=10, """)
you need to remove the following variables: *cutcap*, *xcap*, *ycap*, and *
Save the changes and copy the file to the $AMBERHOME bin

NOTE: if you don't have write permissions use the {-use-mdins} option

On Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 1:01 AM, Asfa Ali <> wrote:

> Hi,
> There are two central K+ ions which are essential and should be retained.
> I
> am using sander and explicit solvent method for running the simulations
> (even in the mmpbsa tutorial, sander is used
>, I don't know
> how to use GB during MD runs).
> Regarding the correction you mentioned for the pb errors in, I'm
> too ignorant to do it.
> Can you plz suggest any other way out? I was following the tutorial since I
> have the latest Ambertools and Amber9 package but I'm ending with errors.
> On the other hand I tried to do in Amber9. There it's showing:
> Died at /soft/amber9//src/mm_pbsa/ line 498, <PDB>
> line
> 718.
> Can you plz tell me the radius of K+ ion so that I can add it in the*
> file.
> Plz help.
> Thanx a lot...
> Asfa.
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