[AMBER] error in save prmtop

From: geyan <geyan.big.ac.cn>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 22:04:34 +0800

hello everyone,I met the unexpected error in saving the prmtop,the detailed information is as follows:

Checking Unit.
Not Marking per-residue atom chain types.
Marking per-residue atom chain types.
  (Residues lacking connect0/connect1 -
   these don't have chain types marked:
        res total affected
        CGLN 1
        NMET 1
        WAT 7657
 (no restraints)

I have searched this problem in google,but got no exact answers.Does anybody met this error before?Is it a fatal problem for the latter minimization and MD analyse?How can I figure out this error?Is it caused by the PDB file of my protein structure?

appreciated for anybody's help!



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