Re: [AMBER] OE and CG types

From: Dean Cuebas <>
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2009 19:10:06 -0600

> I think you're still confused - there is no CG atom type in Glu, it's an
> atom named CG. names and atom types are different.
> here are the GLU names (column 1) and atom types (column 2) for each atom -
> this is from dat/leap/prep/ in case you want to know more.
> N N
> H H
> HA H1
> HB2 HC
> HB3 HC
> HG2 HC
> HG3 HC
> CD C
> OE1 O
> NE2 N
> HE21 H
> HE22 H
> C C
> O O

The atom names on the left correspond to the convention of Greek alphabet,
with alpha being "next to" the highest priority functional group, the C=O,
whose carbon is simply labeled C and whose oxygen is named O.

Beta, "next to that"...etc.

CA = the C alpha carbon
CB= the C beta carbon
CG= the C gamma carbon
CD = the C delta carbon
OE= the O in the epsilon position


Do not confuse those with the atom types...

BTW, you have GLN up there, not GLU...

Good luck...

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