[AMBER] About error of "vertex atom mismatch"

From: 廖青华 <fantastic_0919.yahoo.com.cn>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 08:30:29 +0000

Hi amber users,
I encountered a problem when running mm-pbsa,   it show the error in the terminal window like this:

vertex atom mismatch
       atom: 2
vertex atom: 1
vertex atom mismatch
       atom: 9
vertex atom: 7

It seems that some parameters don't match the atom 2 and 9, but I don't know that is what kinds of parameters. I also searched Amber Archive, but I didn't find an effective solution. Could anybody tell me how to solve the problem? Thanks a lot!

All the Best!

Qinghua Liao from Tianjin University, China

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