AMBER: RED vIII-lack of charges in mol2

From: Neha Gandhi <>
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 23:24:30 +0900


I am trying to derive RESP A1 charges. I am using Gaussian. RED
finishes normally without any errors, (RED.log is absolutely OK)

I did apply the bug fixes available from the R.E.D. web site. The
missing files are: > punch2_m1 > qout2_m1. The query is similar to
the one posted before

The molecule for which I am trying to compute the charges is quite
big: 123 atoms. The charge is -10 and multiplicity is set to 1.

Neha Gandhi,
School of Biomedical Sciences,
Curtin University of Technology,
GPO Box U1987 Perth,
Western Australia 6845
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