Re: AMBER: Amber10 on Leopard with Intel compilers, "Undefined symbols" error

From: Yu Chen <>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 14:50:54 -0400 (EDT)

>> I made some progress on Intel compilers with version 10(seems can't use
>> 64bit compiler with AmberTools). But got stuck with some "Undefined
>> symbols, "_ts_module_mp_boptts_", referenced from:
>> _ts_module_mp_boptts_$non_lazy_ptr in libdivcon.a" ... problems
> The workaround is to give to "-nosanderidc" flag to configure_amber. The
> divcon people may be able to start using macosx, but until that happens, or
> someone else debugs this, you will need to disable the divcon part. This is
> unlikely to be a limitation for most calculations.

Thanks, Dr. Case. Will try that.

>> then I edit the config_amber.h file replace the gcc with icc and g++ with
>> icpc (config_amber.h is attached too)
> I don't think there is any need to do this, but maybe it doesn't hurt. There
> are no performance-critical parts of Amber that are in C, so there is really
> no reason that I know of to use icc rather than gcc here.

Yes, I understand this. The reason is that later on, we are going to
compile the parallel version, and our MPI was compiled with icc/ifort,
just try to get everything compiled with same compilers. Since sometimes
the mixed compilers could actually lead to more problems from what I have

>> Undefined symbols:
>> "_ts_module_mp_boptts_", referenced from:
>> _ts_module_mp_boptts_$non_lazy_ptr in
> The hopeful thing is that these routines are not really needed for QM/MM
> anyway. One of the things on the divcon "to-do" list is to not compile
> things into sander that are not needed (because it unnecessarily exposes
> one to compiler problems). I'll cc this email to qtp to see if someone there
> has time to look at it.

Thank you.

> ...thanks for the report, and for being the Mac guinea pig!....dac

Thank you for great support! One thing I forgot to mention, I didn't apply
Dr. Zhang Wei's gleap patch for this.


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