AMBER: amber9 parallel compile problem

From: Christopher Jones <>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 12:09:32 -0500

I'm trying to compile the Amber 9 package on our university's cluster. The
cluster runs Redhat 9 (Kernel level: 2.4.20-8smp). I successfully compiled
and tested the serial version, but I'm getting an undefined reference to
`__ctype_b' error when I try to compile the parallel version. I copied lines
948-951 from the output below. The configuration script was generated with
the line:
./configure -mpich ifort_ia32

/usr/common/mpich- In
function `read_procgroup':
: undefined reference to `__ctype_b'
make[1]: *** [sander.MPI] Error 1

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Jones

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