AMBER: short 2'OH-OP contacts in RNA

From: Jose Gallego <>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 18:22:35 +0200

When simulating an RNA hairpin system for NMR refinement in vacuo with a
distance-dependent dielectric (eedmeth=5) and ff99 or ff94 in amber 8.0, I
am getting very close contacts between 2'OH groups and phosphate oxygens (as
short as 1.34 A).

These close contacts go away (or turn to more reasonable values-about 1.7 A)
when using ff99 and the generalized Born solvation model (igb=1). Can
anybody give me some information as to why these close contacts should be
appearing? Quick NMR refinements require vacuum conditions with an
appropriate dielectric function.


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