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Dear Luo,

Thanks for the reply.

I have set MS=1 and PB and GB= 1 for the calculations.
I have doubts about the values of CAVITY_SURFTEN and CAVITY_SURFOFFSET to be used. Again , Should I use the same SURFTEN and SURFOFF for PB as well as GB?

Thanking you,


Ray Luo <> wrote: Mathew,
  How did you set MS in the file “” for each of the tests that you did?
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  Dear AMBER users,
 I have a question about the mm-pbsa calculation of free energy.
 I have tried the calculation with different parameters for SURFTEN, SURFOFF and CAVITY_SURFTEN , CAVITY_SURFOFFSET. When I use the values
 I got comparable values for PBTOT and GBTOT.
 My RADIOPT=0 and NPOPT= 1,
 So when I used the values of
 SURFTEN 0.04356
 SURFOFF -1.008
 as specified in the manual, I got much difference between PBTOT= -38.00(3.05) and GBTOT=-15.58 (1.97)
 SURFTEN= 0.0072 and SUROFF = 00 is used in the GB section.
 Which values should I use for the use of GB and PB calculations?
 My system is a small molecule bind to a DNA with 12 basepairs
 Please help me.
 Thanking you,
 Mathew K Varghese
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Mathew K Varghese
Research Scholar
School of Pure and Applied Physics
Kottayam, Kerala


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