AMBER: solaris 10 and compilers on X86_64 hardware

From: M. L. Dodson <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 09:45:27 -0600

Hello Ambers,

I'm investigating whether Solaris 10 on X86_64 hardware (Intel
MB-based) has reasonable possibilities as an alternative to Linux
X86_64 with Intel Fortran for amber-based computation. Does
anyone have experience with Solaris 10 on this hardware using Sun
Studio compilers? If so, how does the performance benchmark in
comparison to Intel compilers on Linux?

What about the Sun compilers in the Sun Studio Express producing
Linux code? Comparison to the Intel compilers?

Is this a crazy idea? Any comments would be appreciated.

Bud Dodson

PS, I'm pretty sure that Solaris 10 will run on the hardware based
on the Sun documentation, but I have not actually tried it.
M. L. Dodson
Email:	mldodson-at-houston-dot-rr-dot-com
Phone:	eight_three_two-56_three-386_one
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