Re: AMBER: Installation amber 9 on IBM SP4

From: Scott Brozell <>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 23:28:35 -0700


On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Myunggi Yi wrote:

> The compilation stopped.
> The following is the end of the screen output.
> =====================================
> cd build_amoeba; make install
> /lib/cpp -P -DMASSLIB -DNMLEQ -DCLINK_PLAIN -DXLF90 > amoeba_parm.f
> What's going on?
> I waited for tens of minuites, but nothing happened.

You are waiting because cpp is expecting input that is missing, namely
amoeba_parm.f90. The command should be:

/lib/cpp -P -DMASSLIB -DNMLEQ -DCLINK_PLAIN -DXLF90 amoeba_parm.f90 > amoeba_parm.f

It looks like $< is not being evaluated correctly.
>From build_amoeba/Makefile
amoeba_parm.o: amoeba_parm.f90
    $(FPP) $< > $*.f
    $(FC) -c $(FOPTFLAGS) $(FREEFORMAT_FLAG) -o $. $*.f

Note that config.h has a suffixes for .f90
I'll sleep on it; someone with access to an ibm may wake before me :)

You can fix this and the others like it by editing the Makefile:

amoeba_parm.o: amoeba_parm.f90
    $(FPP) $< > $*.f
    $(FC) -c $(FOPTFLAGS) $(FREEFORMAT_FLAG) -o $. $*.f


amoeba_parm.o: amoeba_parm.f90
    $(FPP) $*.f90 > $*.f
    $(FC) -c $(FOPTFLAGS) $(FREEFORMAT_FLAG) -o $. $*.f


Good luck,

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