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From: Akshay Patny <>
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2006 16:08:00 -0500

Thank you Nitin and Dr. Yong. I will try that.

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|Dear Nitin and akshay:
|The statement that one should use GAFF for protein, water, if GAFF is used
|for lipid, may not be correct.
|Lipids and proteins can have different parameter sets, just as you can use
|"standard" AMBER parameters for proteins and use your favorite parameters
|for lipids (you can even develop your own if you so inclined). In
|particular, GAFF referes to a set of parameters for modeling of general
|organic compounds. This set has not been tuned specifically for proteins
|peptides), as such there is not much detailed studies on the application of
|GAFF to model proteins. So, you are better off to use "standard" protein
|parameters for proteins and use GAFF for others. Again, there is no
|conflict between these sets. It is a matter of accuracy. If you are
|interested in protein dynamics in membrane, you should use the protein
|fields for proteins. As for lipids, you can use others, including GAFF.
|Regardless which specific set you choose for the lipid, please make sure
|lipids confirm to experimental observations.
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|> Hi akshay,
|> Yeah its fine to use GAFF parameters for DPPC bilayer. The only
|> thing is in that case you should use GAFF parameters for protein,
|> water and counter-ions in your system.
|> Rgds,
|> Nitin
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