AMBER: rgbmax--something wrong with my input file?

From: Kenley Barrett <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 16:10:27 -0500

Dear AMBER community,

I am having problems running a simple implicit solvent minimization. I have
tried to run the job on two different computers. On the first computer, the
job completed but produced a very strange .out file in which, after a point,
the energy began rotating between -1, -9, and -3. I have attached this .out
file. On the second computer the job crashed with the error: " The NAMELIST
READ statement cannot be completed because item rgbmax is not a member of
the NAMELIST group cntrl. The program will recover by
discontinuing further processing of the READ statement..."

I have examined my .in file and I can't figure out how I used "rgbmax"
incorrectly, or what else I might have done wrong. If anyone could offer any
advice on what mistake I have made, I would be very grateful. My .in file is
pasted below.

Thank you in advance.


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