Re: AMBER: Difficulty loading a pdb file (Modified by Kara Di Giorgio)

From: Kara Di Giorgio <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 09:27:45 -0700

Do you know where I could find a copy of aplhax? I looked online and
found something, but when I tried to run it it told me the beta had
expired and to download a new one.


Kara Di Giorgio

On Jun 14, 2006, at 12:55 PM, Knut Langsetmo wrote:

> the problem is in the original use of "textedit".  the standard end of
> line
> character in a mac is the carriage return character (which will show up
> on the unix side as ^M), while in unix uses a line feed (dos/win uses
> a carriage return-line feed pair).  so the suggestion to use the
> command
> dos2unix will not work in this case.  there are many ways to deal with
> it.
> the simple command "tr '\r' '\n' < macfile.txt > unixfile.txt" should
> work.
> alternatively, you can use vi, and change from <cr>(mac) to <lf>
> (unix):
> :set fileformat=unix
> :w
> or to change back the other way:
> :set fileformat=mac 
> :w
> it also works for windoz land:
> :set fileformat=dos 
> :w
>  and to tell the difference:
> set statusline=%<%f%h%m%r%=%{&ff}\ %l,%c%V\ %P
> but my favorite is to use a different text editor in the first place. 
> some free
> alternatives for the mac running osx are alphax (my favorite, mostly
> because 
> it was my first), and subethaedit (probably currently the best)
> --knut

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