AMBER: AMD 64 Installation / configuration clarification

From: <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2006 15:09:50 -0400

Dear All,
I have managed to get Amber 8 working but upon trying again and reinstalling,
the Sander install was giving me fits.  I am running an AMD 64 bit machine,
RedHat Linux WS 4, and Intel iFort compilier.
Previously, I did a ./configure -static ifort but modified the config.h with a
CC=gcc -m32 inorder to get leap to compile but Sander wasn't running properly.
Then I changed the config.h and went back and reinstalled Sander successfully -
all test cases passing.
When I tried to do all of this again, Sander would not compile.  I've read the
file on compiling on 64 bit machines but I didn't get much from it.  I would
really like to know the best way to install and configure Amber 8 for my
particular environment.  What compiliers, flags, mods, and tweaks should I be
making to untilize my resources most effectively.
Thank you always,
Seth Lilavivat
Georgia Institute of Technology
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