AMBER: experiences with compiling amber9 for FreeBSD

From: M. L. Dodson <>
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 13:37:19 -0500

Hello ambers,

I just compiled amber9 for FreeBSD 6.1-PRERELEASE using the Intel
ifc-8.1.023 compiler. There were some issues, so I thought I
would try to save others some time.

Firstly, it passed all the tests (serial) just fine with only a
few (6) "last decimal point" differences found. I also compiled
with the ifc-8.0 compiler, and there were substantially fewer
diffences with the 8.1 version than with 8.0. So use 8.1.x or
version 9.x if possible.

The problem with a straight compile following the described
procedure lies with the FreeBSD make program. The compile scheme
for amber9 uses recursive makefiles, and some of the semantics
expected by the leaf makefiles are incompatible with those of
Berkeley make as implemented in FreeBSD. So you will need to use
gmake (install from a package or via the devel/gmake port).

However, some of the leaf makefiles hardwire the "make" program
name, so that will trip you up. My solution was to temporarily
softlink /usr/local/bin/gmake to /usr/local/bin/make. (This is
known as a "hack" :-) Make sure that /usr/local/bin comes before
/usr/bin in your PATH. Then the system builds as described.
Don't forget to rm /usr/local/bin/make when you are finished or
your ports and buildworld systems will quit working.

I have not made much progress on a regular FreeBSD "port" to
handle everything automatically. If I develop one I will post
the url here.

Bud Dodson

PS, this hack might also be required for other Unix systems whose
make derives from Berkeley make, not gmake.
M. L. Dodson
Personal:       mldodson-at-houston-dot-rr-dot-com
Work:           bdodson-at-scms-dot-utmb-dot-edu
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