AMBER: question convert crd files to pdb files

From: Zhuang <>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 20:02:08 -0800

Hi...I need to do clustering analysis on my amber crd trajectory and I
need to convert crd into pdb format for gramacs to accept it. Is it
possible to take the amber crd file and automatically convert each
frame/or selcted frames (such as every 100 frams) into a pdb file? I
know it can be done manually in many programs...but it's not possible
to manually save thousands pdb file snapshots. Is there any program
that does it automatically? ambpdb can only take rst files. I also
know that Charmm can do something similar to it using a input file.
Does amber have a program that converts crd format to other format?
Thank you very much.
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Received on Wed Nov 30 2005 - 04:53:00 PST
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