AMBER: Comparison of AMBER against DL-POLY

From: Devashish Kumar <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 18:32:03 -0400


I want to run molecular dynamics simulation on problems related with carbon
nanotubes. With rigorous efforts, I found out that AMBER and DL-POLY are the
most popular MD packages (it's just my opinion and by no means am I
challenging the popularity of other packages available). I found (of course
through internet) more research articles on MD simulation of carbon
nanotubes using DL-POLY than AMBER, but the latter has more number of
citations in journal papers that the former.

Hence, I am confused here a bit between the selection of DL-PLOY and AMBER.

I am looking for guidance from persons who know about both the packages. By
no means your valuable guidance will be used to popularize any packages.


Thanks in advance

Devashish Kumar

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