Re: AMBER: Question about "nmanal"

From: Yen-Ting Lai <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 12:09:24 +0200

Dear Mr. Case,

Thanks for your kind reply. I will try it out anyway.

> Heaven knows, of course, if ntrun=8 in nmanal actually works. This was
> all
> re-written for Amber 8 (see the "projection" command in ptraj).

By the way, do you think that it's worthy updating to Amber8. We have Amber7
here in Sweden, but soonly I will return to my home country, Taiwan, where
we only have Amber6(both versions are patched). I noticed that the new
version of ptraj has some more features that I am interested in. However,
the standalone version of ptraj is still not available. This is the main
reason that we want to upgrade to Amber8. Or should we wait for Amber9? Will
it be released in the near future?

Best regards,

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