AMBER: Parameters for phosphorylated aminoacids

From: Nadine Homeyer <>
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2004 17:21:31 +0200

Dear all,

because of the increasing number of inqueries about phosphorylated
serine parameters we would like to inform you about an upcoming
contribution to the Journal of Molecular Modeling (N. Homeyer, A.H.C.
Horn, H. Lanig, H. Sticht, J. Mol. Model., submitted). Therein we
provide parameters for the phosphorylated forms of SER, HIS, TYR and THR
that will be publicly available (i.e. sent to the Amber contributed
parameter database), of course.


N. Homeyer

Abteilung f. Bioinformatik
Institut f. Biochemie
Fahrstr. 17
91054 Erlangen
Tel.: +49-9131-85-24675 
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