(unknown charset) AMBER: Running on MPI

From: (unknown charset) wish_71 <wish_71.sina.com>
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2004 09:59:58 +0800

Hi, Dear all amber users,

Recently, I installed AMBER7 in 32-CPU PC-cluster in the Red Hat Linux system.

The correct running format of Sander is as following???

mpirun -np 4 sander -O -i md.in -o md.out -p md.top -c md.crd -r md.restrt -ref md.crd

When I input above words, the sander does not work? Then how about the correct running format?

Looking forward to any help!

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best wishes,

Wu Yingliang
College of Life Science
Wuhan Univeristy
Wuhan, China
Email: wish_71.sina.com

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