AMBER: Atom distance

From: <>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 6:59:05 +0000

Hello, Amber:

I would like to measure the distances between two atoms of my protein
model after the MD run. I use Carnal for the calculation. It did not go
through. From out-put file, it says no atom ND2 in residue 84. Last
token was O

I dont know what is wrong with my -Dist-input files. The ND2 atom is
shown in the original .pdb file. Why it can not be found. Then I change
the atom to other types, such as O, N, CA and so on, but the same
problems. They all can not be found. The program works fine if I just
want to measure the distance between two residues.

Please comment. I use Amber 7. The .prmtop and crd files are from MD run..

Thank you.


The input file:

  PARM p1 model1-3.prmtop;
  STREAM s1 model13md1.crd;
  TABLE t1 model13md11.dist;
  DIST d1 ND2 84 O 197;
  TABLE t1 d1;

The output:

                          AMBER 4.1

                      COORDINATE ANALYSIS

input stdin
> PARM p1 model1-3.prmtop;
Reading parm file (model1-3.prmtop)
parm: opening model1-3.prmtop
> STREAM s1 model13md1.crd;
Using default parm (model1-3.prmtop) for STREAM s1
stream: opening model13md1.crd
> TABLE t1 model13md11.dist;
> DIST d1 ND2 84 O 197;
 -- no atom ND2 in residue 84 ---
DIST d1 ND2 84 O 197;
-------------- ^
   Error in stdin line 7. DIST: unexpected token
     Last token was O

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