AMBER: Compilation Problem in Amber 7

From: Stephen P. Molnar, Ph.D. <>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 11:54:27 -0400

I have encountered in my attempt to install Amber 7 on my
upgraded SuSE linux machine. The compilation process worked in an
earlier version.

The error message sequence is:

cd gibbs; make install
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/computation/amber7/src/gibbs'
.../Compile L1 -P -DNOEWALD gib.f
cat gib.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux > _gib_.f
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _gib_.f
.../Compile L0 -P -DNOEWALD mdread.f
cat mdread.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux >
g77 -c -g -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _mdread_.f
.../Compile L1 -P -DNOEWALD runmd.f
cat runmd.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux >
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _runmd_.f
.../Compile L2 -P -DNOEWALD force.f
cat force.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux >
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _force_.f
.../Compile L2 -P -DNOEWALD nnbond.f
cat nnbond.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux >
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _nnbond_.f
.../Compile L1 -P -DNOEWALD giba.f
cat giba.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux > _giba_.f
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _giba_.f
.../Compile L2 -P -DNOEWALD gibb.f
cat gibb.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux > _gibb_.f
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _gibb_.f
.../Compile L2 -P -DNOEWALD gibb2.f
cat gibb2.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux >
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _gibb2_.f
.../Compile L2 -P -DNOEWALD decnvh.f
cat decnvh.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux >
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _decnvh_.f
.../Compile L2 -P -DNOEWALD micst.f
cat micst.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux >
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _micst_.f
.../Compile L2 -P -DNOEWALD misc.f
cat misc.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux > _misc_.f
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _misc_.f
.../Compile L3 -P -DNOEWALD machinedep.f
cat machinedep.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux >
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _machinedep_.f
.../Compile L2 -P -DNOEWALD nmr_strip.f
cat nmr_strip.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux >
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _nmr_strip_.f
.../Compile L1 -P -DNOEWALD slwadj.f
cat slwadj.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux >
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _slwadj_.f
.../Compile L1 -P -DNOEWALD veloc.f
cat veloc.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux >
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _veloc_.f
.../Compile L2 -P -DNOEWALD torcon.f
cat torcon.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux >
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _torcon_.f
.../Compile L2 -P -DNOEWALD rstin.f
cat rstin.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux >
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _rstin_.f
.../Compile L2 -P -DNOEWALD connrg.f
cat connrg.f | cpp -traditional -P -DNOEWALD -DLinux >
g77 -c -O3 -fno-globals -ff90 -funix-intrinsics-hide _connrg_.f
_connrg_.f: In subroutine `torccs':
_connrg_.f:852: internal compiler error: in get_loop_body, at
Please submit a full bug report,
with preprocessed source if appropriate.
See <URL:> for instructions.
make[1]: *** [connrg.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/computation/amber7/src/gibbs'
make: *** [install] Error 2

Thanks in advance

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