AMBER: MAC Based Beowulf Cluster

From: Peter Gannett <>
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 19:17:14 -0400


We are going to replace a Beowulf cluster (Intel based). The Computer
Science person overseeing this is considering going with a MAC based
system. I personally don't care what CPU or O/S is used. I'm only
interested in things like how fast the cluster is, whether it is going
to cause users grief, etc.

I wanted to know if people had experience with Mac based beowulf
clusters. Even better, are there any people who have experience with
both motorola and intel based systems. From what I see from a surfing
the net, compiling amber programs shouldn't be a problem, but what about
obtaining binaries/compiling other programs like NAMD/VMD....and other


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