AMBER: Amber 03 Forcefield discrepancy

From: MD Tyka, Biochemistry <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 15:36:18 +0100

Dear AMBER Community,

looking at the new AMBER 03 forcefield (Yong Duan et al J Comput Chem 24:
1999?2012, 2003) i noticed that there seems to be a disagreement in the new
torsion parameters between the paper and the amber parameter file

in frcmod.ff03

H0-CT-C -N 1 1.0607 180.00 1.

in the paper

N?C?C ?H0 0.5607 180

Which is the correct parameter ??

Many thanks,

 Michael Tyka

MD Tyka, Biochemistry
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