Re: AMBER: mm_pbsa Abmer8 example

From: Holger Gohlke <>
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 08:39:06 +0200

> I am trying to run the Examples for the MM_PBSA in Amber 8. When I run the
> Binding example using the input file provided I get the message: "File MS is
> not found". Does it mean the Radii file?

No, it means that it cannot find the molsurf executable which should
reside in $AMBERHOME/exe . You need to install it by typing "make
install" in the $AMBERHOME/src/mm_pbsa directory.

Best regards


> In Amber7 there is the
> atmtypenumber file with the radius data. I used the atmtypenumber file but
> still the same message. I have also tried the Stability example getting the
> same result. Any idea where I can get this file from?
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