From: Gary Waters <>
Date: Thu, 6 May 2004 11:29:56 -0700


I have been reading the mail archives, and I am looking for
someone who has tried to get PMEMD to work on an Opteron (64-bit)
running RHEL v 3.0 .

I have a few compilers that I have tried to use, like pgi and icc80.
I saw the news about the patch for icc80 to get Amber8 to work, so
I patched mine like wise. Still, when I try to compile
mpich, I have problems with icc and ifc trying to link to 64-bit

Can someone point me in the right direction to get this to work ?


-Gary Waters

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Received on Thu May 06 2004 - 19:53:01 PDT
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