AMBER: parmchk on MAC

From: Kaushik Raha <>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 11:19:52 -0500

Not sure if this made it the first time.


Has anybody tried compiling and running parmchk (program to guess force
field parameters) on a MAC (Dual G4 running Jaguar)? I compiled it both
with Absoft machine file and g77 and it compiles fine. But on running
no data is generated. The output looks like


  0.000 0.000 ATTN, need revision

     0.00 0.000 ATTN, need revision


and so on...

I crosschecked the same prep input file on a Linux Box and it seems to
work fine and does what it should do. Was wondering if anybody
encountered this problem and was able to fix it? Please let me know.


Kaushik Raha

Graduate Student
Merz Research Group
Penn State University
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