Re: AMBER: make clean doesn't clean leap

From: Karen Haskell <>
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 17:19:23 -0600

We are just making teLeap, not the X stuff, and "make install" builds teLeap
also. I'm glad the need for manual clean will be fixed in amber8, because
it's easy to overlook if you run "make clean" to a file.

Thanks for your response.

Karen Haskell

On Mon November 3 2003 4:58 pm, David A. Case wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 03, 2003, Karen Haskell wrote:
> > The makefile amber7/src/Makefile doesn't clean the src/leap/src/leap
> > directory. Thus when "make install" is run, the leap files are not
> > recompiled, and the resulting teLeap executable may not be as expected.
> You are not supposed to run "make install" in leap. The proper commands
> (which will clean old stuff away) are
> xmkmf
> make World
> make install.leap
> (see amber7/src/Makefile).
> (I understand that this behavior is different from other subdirectories.
> In amber8, "make install" will also work for LEaP.)
> (However, if you are just making teLeap (not the X-stuff) using the
> commented- out lines in amber7/src/Makefile, then you may need a manual
> clean command.)
> ..dac

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