Re: AMBER: large file for carnal

From: volodya <>
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 2003 13:23:44 +0200

I have:

Linux 2.4.18-3smp #1 SMP Wed Nov 27 12:26:38 CET 2002 i686 unknown

Red Hat Linux release 7.3 (Valhalla)

amber7, compiled using gcc 3.2.1 and machine-file Machine.g77_mpich

I started with:

  PARM p1;
  STREAM s1 mdpme4_g.mdcrd;
  TABLE tab1 rms_to_start;
  GROUP gALL (RES 1 - 440);
  RMS r1 FIT gALL s1;
  TABLE tab1 r1;


                          AMBER 6.0

                      COORDINATE ANALYSIS

input stdin

>> PARM p1;
Reading parm file (
parm: opening

>> STREAM s1 mdpme4_g.mdcrd;
Using default parm ( for STREAM s1
(box will be read from stream)
stream: opening mdpme4_g.mdcrd
mdpme4_g.mdcrd: sys err Value too large for defined data type

Can other programs open the file?

I can open the file with VMD and load some frames.

Bill Ross wrote:

>>I have very large mdcrd file with trajectories - 11 GB. Carnal can not
>>open this file for analysis. What should I do?
>What is your carnal cmd file, and what output? What computer?
>Can other programs open the file?
>Bill Ross
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