AMBER: amber 7 for industrial application

From: Jose Gallego <>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 13:18:16 -0000

I work for a pharmaceutical company and we are considering purchasing AMBER 7. I have been an AMBER user in previous academic posts, and one frequent problem during that time was the required parameterization of small organic molecules into the AMBER force field.
I was pleased to see that AMBER 7 contains the ANTECHAMBER module apparently capable of automatically incorporating most small molecules into the AMBER force field.
Since the purchase of the program is a significant investment and AMBER does not provide demo versions, I would like to receive opinions from people who have used amber 7 in an industrial (pharmaceutical) environment when one has to test many small organic molecules against a given target. How does the program perform for this type of task?
Also, I have read some messages mentioning amber 8. How soon is the new version likely to be released??
Jose Gallego

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