AMBER: mddisplay

From: Chris Moth <>
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 16:22:18 -0500

At 03:57 PM 10/23/2003 -0500, Samy Name_removed_after_user_request wrote:
>This is a really nice program. I find the hardware stereo option very
>and the ptraj-like syntax very convenient.
>I was wondering, though, is there an option to create a movie from multiple
>trajectory files?

Hi Samy:

Yes - I need to document this.

You can use multiple -c options with preproc as in:

   -c traj1-50.crd -c traj51-100.crd -c traj101-150.crd -f 150

You need -f because otherwise, preproc will only process the first 100
frames - legacy behavior from the old SGI-only version.

If you want to compare visually compare trajectories side-by-side, this is
a different problem which MDDisplay does not directly address. But, you
can certainly run multiple sessions of mddisplay in different windows.

Thanks for asking :)


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