RE: AMBER: tru64 alpha

From: Mu Yuguang (Dr) <"Mu>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 09:52:41 +0800

Dear Bob,

The configuration of SC45 is

interconnect building block
16-port or 128-port switch chassis at the heart of the AlphaServer SC
Interconnect from Quadrics Supercomputers World, delivering up to 500
MB/s per server, with 32 GB/s of cross-section bandwidth and MPI
application latencies under 5 microseconds
Fully integrated console management includes initial DECserver 732
terminal servers
Fully integrated management network including an initial 10/100 Ethernet
Complete hardware and software documentation and media

I check the web, there is a CompaqMPI seems perform better than common

Do you have some ideas ?

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