AMBER: AMBER 7_make install

From: Krishna Bisetty <>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 09:36:37 +0200


I installed amber7, on SGI O2 workstation with a single processor,
in the user/local/amber7 directory.
Unfortunately experienced some problems with compiling new to old
parameter fortran file...

The machine type was set as follows:
# ln -s -f Machine/Machine.sgi. Machine
# make install
The following error appeared..
# ../compile L2 -P new2oldparm.f
load-undefined variable
*error code 1(bus21)
*error code 1(bus21)

I would be grateful if you could kindly assist me in rectifying this
best regards
Vincent bisetty

Dr K Bisetty
Senior Lecturer
Department of Chemistry
Steve Biko Campus
Durban Institute of Technology
P O BOX 1334
Tel : +27-031-2042311
Fax : +27-031-3085400

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