Re: AMBER: MD simulation with ATP and MG

From: Heather A.Carlson <>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 08:11:27 -0400

Hi Thomas,

> - Should the posted ATP parameters from Dr. Carlson perform
> well in a MgATP complex?

At the end of our ATP parameter paper (Meagher, Redman, Carlson.
J Comput Chem 2003,24,1016-1025), we show applications to protein
systems all of which include Mg+2 ions. The parameters perform
just fine, comperable to CHARMM.

> - Are the Mg parameters from the parm99 file suitable for
> use with the TIP3P water model?

Should be no problem.

> - Will the complex geometries of Mg and its ligands be
> reasonable, although no Mg-ligand "bond" is defined in the
> parameters?

Yes, in our experience the geometries are OK. Mg is not bound
to ATP, it is just a tight electrostatic attraction. A bond
term is not appropriate.

> - Are there any general caveats for simulations with
> divalent cations?

Your Mg+2 ions are within a protein, right? If so, they are a
structural part of the system. If you have them floating out in
solution, you will have more difficulties with adequate sampling,
but maybe the RNA/DNA modelers will have better insights into
those limitations.

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