Re: AMBER: Insight pdb file in xleap

From: Gaurav Sahni <>
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 11:55:42 +0530 (IST)

i've worked with such problems either one of two ways:
1) I have tried using the "generate.inp" script of "CNS" to remove
the INSIGHT idiosyncrasies. i believe carbohydrates can also be
generated, i.e. CNS will build you a clean PDB files (with
hydrogens). Then you could use this pdb for xleap, will be far better.
2) manually edit pdb. try, remove all hydrogens & do xleap (it'll add
the H) check errors -> edit again. this is a hit & trial process,
untill you stop getting errors, but also depends on one's comfort
with manually editing the PDB coordinate file.

hope it helps,
Gaurav Sahni

you wrote:
Hello Amber users,
I loaded pdb file made by Insight in Leap (Amber7.0) and use 
"bondByDistance" command to put in bonds using default criteria.
However, some bonds are disconnected and structure is broken.
Is pdb file made by Insight different from pdb format which can be 
loaded in 
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