using antechamber

From: Mauro Carlos Costa Ribeiro <>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 13:39:44 -0300 (EST)

When I follow the AMBER7 Users' Manual example of usage of antechamber:

antechamber -i tp.pdb -fi pdb -o tp.prepin -fo prepi -c bcc

I get the message error:

Cannot open CONNECT.TPL, exit

I see that the CONNECT.TPL exists in the
/usr/local/amber7/dat/antechamber/ directory. Why is it not open by

Dr. Mauro C. C. Ribeiro

Instituto de Quimica
Universidade de Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo
Received on Tue Mar 18 2003 - 16:53:01 PST
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