Including the Peroidiic Box info ??

From: N. Jiten Singh <>
Date: Thu 13 Feb 2003 12:21:41 +0900

Dear Amber Users,

After the MD equilibration of solvent molecules the final .rst (restart) file is converted to pdb (using ambpdb) and load it is xleap and save the . Here the peroidic informations is lost - then I include the peroidic conditios in the !entry boundbox in by putting the box size calculated from the final VOLUME of the equilibration. When I load the in xleap I could see only 1/4 of the solvent space is covered by the periodic box while the original box before starting the equilibration covers the whole solvent space. When I check the solvent boxes provided with Amber it covers the whole solvent space.

My question is that can I use as the solvent box for solavating my system ? Is this the right way of making the solvent BOX from the equilibrated coordinates.

Your kind suggestions would be highly thankful,

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