Chloroform Parameters

From: N. Jiten Singh <>
Date: Fri 24 Jan 2003 14:27:24 +0900


In and of amber7 the atoms types are HZ,CZ and CL. As per my knowledge CZ and HZ correspond to sp C and bonded H . Whatever the atom types it may be can you please provide me the bond and angle parameters i.e HZ-CZ,CZ-CL AND HZ-CZ-CL, CL-CZ-CL ?

I work with gaff.dat considering with changing the atome types to hc,c3,cl - but I could not get the right density after equilibration ( solvatebox CHCL3_box CL3 10 --> 59 molecules in the box). I tried many cutoff values - the best density I could get was 1.41 . DO you have any suggestions ?

You kind suggestions in this regards will be highly appreciated,

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