Ewald error

From: Miguel de Federico <miguel_at_qorws1.uab.es>
Date: Mon 20 Jan 2003 16:32:21 +0100

 I'm trying to run a simple minimization and I have got the next error
message at the end of the out:

 parameter skinnb+cutoffnb: (nonbond list cut) has value 0.10000E+02
 This is outside the legal range
 Lower limit: 0.00000E+00 Upper limit: 0.98022E+01
 Check ew_legal.h

 I have run other times sander with similar systems and I never had this
problem. Could anybody tell me what this means and how can I solve it?

 Thank you in advance,

Received on Mon Jan 20 2003 - 07:32:21 PST
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