ntwv saves v(t) or v(t+dt/2) ?

From: hagop demirdjian <hagop.demirdjian_at_ens.fr>
Date: Thu 19 Dec 2002 17:04:55 +0100

Hello all,
Just checking this : does the file mdvel contains velocities at t or at
t+dt/2 ?

I am asking this because the source file runmd.f contains the following
comment :

c Note: if the last printed energy from the previous trajectory was
c at time "t", then the restrt file has velocities at time
c t + 0.5dt, and coordinates at time t + dt

but the manual does not mention the time at which velocity is saved, so
I considered it was t until today...

Thank you,
Received on Thu Dec 19 2002 - 08:04:55 PST
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