Error in Antechamber program in ammber7

From: Narang Manpreet Kaur <>
Date: Tue 15 Oct 2002 19:49:52 +0500 (GMT)

Dear Amber users

i am running the antechamber program on amber6 with the pdb of my drug
molecule .
 the command run is

./antechamber -i mtx.pdb -o mdpdb -fi pdb -fo prepin -c bcc

The error is

sh: /usr/AMBER7/amber7/exe/ cannot execute Unable to find mopac
 the outlook of my file after aking some changes in the origna
file is

#! /bin/csh -f

# Edit the following to match your local environment; the syntax # for
calling this shell script should be: input output. # Depending
on which version of mopac you have, you may need to remove # the "<" and
">" symbols below, or make other changes. For example, # some versions of
mopac expect the input file to be "FOR005" and the # output to be
"FOR006"; some versions require the input file to end in # ".DAT", etc.,
etc. /usr/AMBER7/amber7/exe/mopac <$1 > $2

Please tell me what changes should I do.

Manpreet Kaur Narang
 Research Scholar Deptt.Biotechnology
 Indian Institute of Roorkee (IITR) Roorkee 247 667 India
Received on Tue Oct 15 2002 - 07:49:52 PDT
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