Re: Constant pressure equilibration in a system with a solvent cap

From: David Smith <>
Date: Fri 27 Sep 2002 18:11:19 +0200 wrote:
> Hi,
> we used the solvate cap command to solvate a sphere of 30 Angstroms of
> water around the region of interest of our large DNA-protein system. Is
> it possible to run a constant pressure equilibration run with a
> solvated cap? That is, will the radius(volume) of the solvated cap
> adjust to achieve a constant pressure, or is the radius of the solvated
> cap fixed?

I don't know if this will be of any use but my way around this was as

I ran a constant pressure equilibration of my system in a periodic box
of water until I got a good density.
I then cut out a sphere of the radius I wanted and used it in my
non-periodic (droplet) calculations.

If you are interested and need any help with this procedure, please feel
free to ask.

Good luck.

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