antechamber best practices/charge equivalence w/ AM1-BCC

From: Tom Bishop <>
Date: Mon 23 Sep 2002 16:28:57 -0500

Dear amber,

I am using antechamber to assign types and charges to a set of small
organic compounds
and would like some information about proper usage.

We wish to generate charges with am1-bcc and have followed examples in
Doing so we notice that charge equivalences are not enforced.

Examples are given to demonstrate charge equivalencing for a two stage
fitting of a gaussian generated ESP.

Is charge equivalencing w/ AM1-BCC desirable?
Does one use multiple conformations to achieve this?

What are best practices? Any pointers to examples would be greatly

Thanks in advance.

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Received on Mon Sep 23 2002 - 14:28:57 PDT
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