question about nmode again.

From: Yongjun Jiang <>
Date: Tue 17 Sep 2002 15:15:54 +0800

Dear all,

I recompile the amber7 with 64 bit for nmode as I showed before.
* The nmode.out file hints to increase the real memory by 380235534 words, and I
* revised parameter (MAXMEMX=420000000) in the sizes.h, then recompiled nmode.
* The error message are shown :
* real *8 x (MAXMEMX)
* f90-1435 f90:ERROR NMODE, File =_nmode_.f, Line=51,Column=13
* The storage size needed for "X" exceeds 268,435,455 bytes, the maximum storge size available
* for the ABI. If compiling -n32,try -64.
* the free memory is 28G.
The install is broken, and the erro message displays : expecting n32 objects-main.0
   is n64.

Otherwise, if nmode is alone compiled with 64 bit, and it worked well for less than 2800
residues. More than 2800 residues, the output file of nmode is empty, and a core file
is birthed. Of course, the parameters such as MAXMEMX, MAXATOM are proper for more than
2800 ones.

please help me. Thanks.


                         Yongjun Jiang
Received on Tue Sep 17 2002 - 00:15:54 PDT
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