Re: compiling amber on a linux box using DMEM-ALLOC

From: Florian Barth <>
Date: Sat 7 Sep 2002 00:13:31 +0200


I also tried to use the DMEM-ALLOC flag but then sander was not
running anymore (Mandrake 8.2, gcc 3.1).
Obviously the DMEM-ALLOC flag does not apply to Linux Machines but
only to other Unix derivates. So I guess all you can do is changing
the limits in sizes.h and compile again.


       Florian Barth

rkdr> Dear amber users
rkdr> I am trying to install amber7 on a linux box with red hat 7.3. I
rkdr> followed the instructions on INSTALL file and I used the Machine.g77
rkdr> machine file. The compilation was ok, but doing the benchmarks I got an
rkdr> error message about sizes of pair list. Reading the manual one can see
rkdr> that if the compilation is done using DMEM-ALLOC flag the limits in
rkdr> sizes.h are ignored. So, I tried to compile including that machine flag
rkdr> but I got another error message when it try to compile sander.f, something
rkdr> about trajen routine can not be compiled.
rkdr> Does anybody has experience on how to compile amber7 in order to
rkdr> ignore the limits of sizes.h and could give some hints on how to do this?
rkdr> Thank you in advance.

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