old prmtop

From: Thomas Steinbrecher <thomas.steinbrecher_at_physchem.uni-freiburg.de>
Date: Wed 04 Sep 2002 17:56:47 +0200

Dear AMBER users,

I would like to view trajectories from AMBER7 runs with vmd
1.7. It seems to me that VMD cannot open AMBER7 prmtop

is there a program/script that translates my prmtop file
into the old type of prmtop file (AMBER6 I guess)?

I am aware that xleap can write the old prmtop files with
"oldprmtopformat=on", but I thought maybe it is possible
without creating my system again with xleap.

Best regards,

Received on Wed Sep 04 2002 - 08:56:47 PDT
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