Re: nmode segmentation fault

From: Holger Gohlke <>
Date: Thu 08 Aug 2002 11:16:11 -0700

Dear Haizhen,

> However, it gave me the core
> dump file. Another point I want to point out is that no matter I ran it in the
> formatted or unformatted form, it gave me the same result. THat means, the
> minimization step was always ok, but the nmode step was always not ok. The
> related .in file is attached as follows. By the way, the system is around 88
> amino acids to 99 amino acids.

You traced a problem of memory allocation which occurs in nmode of
amber6, but has been removed in nmode of amber7. Please replace in
amber6/src/nmode/alloc.f the lines:
 c ---need at least four scratch arrays
 c of size ns3 for thermo
              nvect4 = max(nvect,4)
              memusd_x = mcvec + ns3*nvect4*mprec
              memusd_x = mcvec + ns3*ns3*mprec
and recompile nmode.

We will also put this as bugfix.28 for amber6 to the amber home page.

Best regards


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