tleap error for systems with 64-bit pointers

From: Karen Haskell <>
Date: Fri 14 Jun 2002 14:55:16 -0500

The following modification is required in order to run tleap on
systems with 64-bit pointers (e.g., Itanium). Note that the code
as distributed (in Amber 6 and 7) will compile and link, but
execution of $AMBERHOME/test/leap/Run.tleap will result in a
     "Program ERROR in leap"
caused by a segmentation violation in function cContainerCreate.

In file $AMBERHOME/src/leap/src/leap/residue.h (line 142 in Amber
6, line 154 in Amber 7)
     extern RESIDUE mResidueCreate();
     extern RESIDUE rResidueCreate();

Without this modification, there is no declaration for the
function rResidueCreate(). It will still run on most 32-bit
pointer systems because pointers and ints are probably the same
size. On 64-bit systems with 32-bit integers, an error occurs.

Once this change is made, the tests in Run.tleap pass.

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Received on Fri Jun 14 2002 - 12:55:16 PDT
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